BIOINVISIBLE™ addresses the industry challenge of complications that can arise from current vascular devices. In particular, blood clots or other occlusions with potential life-threatening outcomes for patients. The coating creates an ‘invisible’ barrier, reducing the interaction of the body’s normal immune defences with the surface of implanted devices, setting a new global standard in medical coatings.

TekCyte’s unique patented process ensures a rapid scale up of coated devices to meet commercial and regulatory demand, making it the preferred choice for manufacturing device companies.

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The BIOINVISIBLE™ solution

The human body is well served by efficient defence mechanisms, which pose several biochemical challenges in the design of blood-contacting devices such as stents and vascular grafts, as well as non-vascular implants. Currently, medical device complications result in implant failure rates of up to 30%, leaving many patients requiring additional medical intervention and surgery causing significant discomfort, morbidity or even death.
BIOINVISIBLE™ is the solution to reducing this failure rate.

TekCyte has a novel and simple process for applying a well-characterised biocompatible polymer, hyperbranched polyglycerol (HPG) onto implantable materials, rendering them ‘invisible’ to the body’s normal defences.


The Process

BIOINVISIBLE™ is a hydrophilic hyperbranched polyglycerol (HPG) polymer that is easily applied to a wide range of metallic and polymer-based materials used in medical devices. It has tremendous potential to improve the performance, safety and durability of short- and long-term implanted devices.

The patented* process  allows the polymer to form directly from the surface of devices without the need for solvents, overcoming one of the considerable limitations with previous methods of achieving an HPG coating on materials.

TekCyte’s patented process creates a unique physical barrier on the surface of coated devices, unlocking the full potential of HPG as a truly superior biocompatible coating.

* US Patent Nos. 11,000,634 and 10,994,059

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How it works

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