Membrane Filtration Coating

Fouling of filtration membranes adds considerable cost to the treatment of wastewater and the production of potable water.

BIOINVISIBLE coated industrial filters:

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Water Treatment

Research conducted by expert biomaterial scientists and biologists indicates that industrial membrane filters coated with TekCyte’s patented coating technology, BIOINVISIBLE, will dramatically reduce fouling.

Liquid Filtration

BIOINVISIBLE coating improves the performance of industrial membranes leading to higher throughput and lower maintenance costs.

Proof it works

The below results are a proof-of-concept study conducted by the University of Queensland that monitored fouling and the ease of removal of foulants.

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Better performance.
Lower maintenance costs.
Seeking industrial partners
The TekCyte team has a proven track record for creating and testing biological functional coatings for companies and institutions that pioneer the medical device and biomedical industry.

With the new industrial application for BIOINVISIBLE’s medical-grade coating, TekCyte is calling for companies to express interest in developing a custom-made coating for their industrial application.
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