TekCyte provides a range of coating development services to the medical device and biomedical research industries.
Our combined biological and biomaterials expertise means we can design ultra-thin, scalable coatings tailored to specific
needs and requirements.

Tailormade Feat services

Tailor-made coatings

Our services include the creation and testing of biologically functional coatings, delivered on a project-basis to suit specific needs and requirements.


Engage our team to custom design advanced coatings that can significantly
influence the behaviour and interaction of cells and living tissue with a particular surface. TekCyte’s coatings can easily be applied to many inert materials such as fluorinated polymers.

Cell Growth
Cell growth@2x

Polymer coatings can be designed to enhance cell growth on the surface of many materials. This can be achieved by applying various polymer coatings alone or designing polymer coatings that allow the integration of cell-promoting biological molecules into the polymer coated surface.

Cell Capture
Cell Capture 3

Coatings can be created with specific chemical groups for rapid conjugation of biological molecules to a surface. Conjugated molecules can then be used for a range of biological applications, such as capturing target cells specifically on a treated surface.

Cell Adhesion
Cell Adhesion services

Polymer coatings can be developed that encourage specific cells to adhere to surfaces that would not normally adhere. These surfaces can be used for extended periods (e.g. months) under culture conditions or submerged in aqueous environments.

Cell Selective
Cell Sellective

When a very low background of non-specific binding is important; combine TekCyte’s BIOINVISIBLE™ coating with a cell capture molecule. Antibodies or aptamers can be conjugated directly onto our BIOINVISIBLE™ coating, to create a low binding surface that will only capture the cell of interest.

Cell Attachment
Cell Delivery@2x

Coatings can be designed to manipulate the level of attachment of cells to a surface for specific conditions or environments.

Cell Repelling
Cell Repelling 2

Surface coatings can also be designed to reduce the adhesion of cells, proteins and/or microorganisms to the surface of a material, i.e. low-binding surfaces or low-fouling surfaces.

Our commitment


We protect the confidential nature of our clients’ work.


We deliver exceptional service and results.


We take a wide-lens approach, drawing from the expertise of our extensive team.

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