Professor Claudine Bonder, PhD, heads the Vascular Biology and Cell Trafficking Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology at UniSA and directs large animal studies for TekCyte. Her discoveries have led to the filing of six patents (two of which are directly related to TekCyte’s BIOINVISIBLE™.)

Professor Bonder provides TekCyte with expertise in a range of animal and in vitro models to assess the performance and development of BIOINVISIBLE™, as well as animal models to investigate new device applications for this technology.

Professor Hans Griesser, PhD, has a global-leading reputation for his research on biomaterials interfaces in both industry and academia. He is a key advisor to TekCyte on novel approaches to the modification and analysis of polymer surfaces, thin film deposition, biomaterials and bio-interfacial interactions. He was a key member of an international project team developing technologies and patents for extended wear contact lenses with Ciba Vision, which led to a large royalty stream to UNSW and CSIRO. Professor Griesser’s extensive experience in commercialising and scaling surface coating processes has been invaluable in the development of TekCyte’s coating.

Associate Professor Jason Whittle, PhD, is a biomaterials engineering specialist at the University of SA, working with TekCyte on the development of a number of life science products incorporating unique plasma polymer coatings in tissue culture and diagnostic applications. He previously cofounded Plasso Technology Ltd (UK), an advanced tissue culture plastic products company, and has developed a range of tissue culture products for Becton Dickinson.

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