A new global standard in biomedical coatings.

TekCyte is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced coatings for medical devices and biomedical applications.
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We create drug-free medical device coatings that can help save thousands of lives and avoid millions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs each year.

BIOINVISIBLE™ is a special type of polymer that acts as a physical barrier on devices such as catheters, orthopaedic implants and stents.

When coated onto implantable materials, they are ‘invisible’ to the body’s normal immune defences.

World-class biomedical engineering. The world’s most advanced hyperbranched polyglycerol coating that can be applied at commercial scale.

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In Australia alone, there are about 4,000 bloodstream infections from central venous catheters each year and 20% of those patients die. In 2015, this cost Medicare $36 million.

Investing in TekCyte means your money could have a lasting impact and help save lives.

A trusted biomedical applications supply partner world-wide

As experts in coatings for biomedical applications, TekCyte creates world-leading surface coating technologies that enhance the performance and safety of medical devices.

Our best-in-class manufacturing facility produces high-quality, low-cost coatings for medical device manufacturers.

Advanced biomedical product coatings

Benefits of BIOINVISIBLE™ for medical device manufacturers.

There is a growing problem of resistance to antibiotics. The World Health Organisation has identified this as one of their top global concerns.

Our drug-free BIOINVISIBLE™ medical coating aims to address this.

Industry leading custom coating services

We provide a wide range custom designed advanced coatings that can significantly influence the behaviour and interaction of cells and living tissue with a particular surface.

Our manufacturing capabilities include state-of-the-art cleanrooms and scalable equipment supported by an established quality framework aligned to ISO 13485.

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Our collaborations

Using world-leading surface technologies the team contribute their extensive knowledge and know-how to a diverse range of commercial projects and research collaborations.

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